NAP TOWN! For those of you who don’t like big city driving but enjoy the perks of the city I recommend you try out Indianapolis, IN. If you are from the country like me and really hate city driving that’s no problem either. On my last visit to Indy we rented a limo for the evening to take care of our driving needs. This allowed us (me) to relax and gave us the opportunity to enjoy a night of drinks. We used a limousine service out of Carmel, IN and they met all our needs to a T.

Things to do in Indy….where do I even begin. Of course if you like sports they have he Colts, Pacers, Indians, Fever and I am pretty sure they have a soccer team now if I am not mistaken. Do you have kids? The children’s museum is a great place to go! Just you and your friends of age, hit up downtown bars are venture over to Broad Ripple and hit the strip. There are plenty of bars there to keep you busy all night without hitting the same one twice.

Looking for fine dinning? St Elmo’s and Ruth’s Chris are always a great place for a date night. If your looking for a fun dinner date hit up Jillians, the three level resturaunt, arcade and bowling alley.

the list goes on and on as to what to do in Indy so hope online and check out some cool things. Its a great place to spend a getaway weekend and enjoy some time off. If anything check out the Indy 500 one year to say you have been to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!



Hey there all you fellow travelers. I am coming at you this week with the experience I had the last time I visited the Dominican Republic. This was about 2 years ago where about 10 of us decided to take a friends trip. We needed something affordable for all and we wanted a beach. So DR here we come!

Upon arrival the airport was pretty neat. Very small with an open air concept. (Many islands in the Caribbean are like this). A quick watch out, if you don’t want to pay someone to haul your bags DO NOT let the employees start grabbing them. They expect paid and will not leave you alone.

The shuttle to the resort was quick and check in seemed flawless. Out of the 10 of us we got 5 rooms. First issue was 2 of the 5 rooms didn’t have AC working. UGH!! Heat aside we venture down to the beach almost every day. The beaches are beautiful! The downside? There are salesmen all along the beach trying to get you to do this or do that. ITS ANNOYING after day 3!

The excursions we did go on were pretty awesome (buggy ride). The public beach they took us to was absolutely amazing.

Lets touch on the alcohol and food a bit. Out of all my vacations and all inclusive resorts, the alcohol at the DR resort we stayed in absolutely sucked! You could drink literally all day and not even get a good buzz going. Not only that but they did not do frozen drinks it was all ice drinks that stayed cold for 30 seconds.

The food? It was so so… I mean I have had better at other resorts. There was one resturaunt that was pretty good so we ate there twice.

All in all it was a decent trip due to the friends that were with us. If we go back we will be staying in another resort. Yes we stayed at an affordable place for all so I guess you get what you pay for. Honestly I would choose Mexico of DR if we are talking about food and alcohol. I would choose the DR if you want nice beaches.

Hey fellow travelers. I am coming at you with a traveling experience my now wife and I had the opportunity to partake in this past June. MY boss kept talking about these Sandals resorts and how he would never go to anything but a Sandals resort. Being the travelers we are we became very curious as to what exactly was so special about these Sandals resorts.

So as I am sure you have guessed already we booked our first Sandals vacation to St Lucia! We were so pumped and thankful to be able to afford such an experience.

Lets start from the plane ride in. We flew for about 5 hours before we finally reached the island. Once you get to the island it is an additional hour and 45 minute shuttle to the Sandals Grande St Lucian. By the time we get there we are exhausted from traveling and my fiancé was on the verge of getting car sick from winding back and forth through the mountains. The crazy part is the island itself is only like 27 miles wide!

We finally get settled in where we were greeted by a very friendly staff with champagne. The place looks awesome. We immediately set up our week of adventures, snuba, catamaran cruise, candle lit dinner, a safari jeep adventure and a hike.

We are a very social couple so throughout the week we met many new friends. We did find some friends that only lived 4 hours away from where we are from so we decided to pair up for the rest of the week. Of course this was a formula for even more fun. We could not have asked for a better trip to St Lucia and we absolutely love the Sandals resorts. We love them so much we have already booked our next Sandals trip to the Bahamas.

A huge note to remember if you plan on going to St Lucia. They do offer a helicopter to another airport that is only 20 minutes from the resort. We took advantage of this on the way back and enjoyed a beautiful scenic tour of the island from above. We even flew to the top of the Piton mountains.

All in all we highly recommend traveling to St Lucia and staying in the Sandals resort if you are given the opportunity.

So in my ABOUT section you learned that I am a newly wed and heard about my experiences in the Denver, CO area. I want to now switch over to my first trip to Colorado.

Pagosa Springs, CO was where my dad and I took a “guys only” trip. It was a good getaway to just share some quality time with dad. We did a bunch of activities like a hot air balloon ride, zip lining, horse back ride in the mountains with a mountain prepped meal and sing along around the campfire, a dip in the natural hot springs (anywhere from 88 degrees to about 110 degrees), brewery tour, taking a drive along the “Million Dollar Highway” (absolutely amazing views) and my favorite, a hike to the top of Pagosa Peak (12,640 ft). The view was absolutely amazing. I know its not the highest mountain in the world but given its surroundings it sure did present the feeling of being on top of the world.

Being originally from the Midwest I am used to seeing cattle and other livestock in pastures. Colorado is a little different in that aspect. A lot of Colorado is public land and with public land the state allows a lot of free range livestock to manage the overgrowth of vegetation. So when driving along and you see a sign with that looks to be a funny looking horned bull on it PAY ATTENTION there may be a cow just around the turn in the middle of the road. Don’t think you will scare them either, they will take their time getting out of your way. Just let them be its kind of cool to just see them gazing around as they please.

If I were to suggest anything it would be to actually stay in Durango, CO (much more to do there) and drive to the other places to visit. Its not that there was anything wrong with Pagosa Springs its just my dad and I felt like there was a more active atmosphere in Durango.

Welcome to my new site called Bali Paradise Villas. I just wanted to drop a note to say “Hi” Anyways have a good day and remember to come back at a later date when I have more content up.